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Title: 早口言葉勝負! (巻島ver & 小野田ver)
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Makishima Yuusuke
“Red Makishima Blue Makishima Yellow Makishima, Red Makishima Blue Makishima Yellow Makishima, Red Makishima Blue Makishima Yellow Makishima… —Huh? Hey, that makes me Green Makishima!”

Onoda Sakamichi
“A tongue twister contest, huh? I won’t lose!
Red Love Hime Blue Love Hime Yellow Love Hime!
I said it all!
…Eh? My cadence for that tongue twister wasn’t fast enough? No way…”

From yomecolle.

Since my fellow yome people will be interested…

From 10/20 (11AM) to 10/31 (23:59PM), Yomecolle is holding a Halloween event. If you have downloaded more than one character before the event starts, you will receive one sample of “Halloween candy.” Give this sample to a character, and they will respond with a special comment (I don’t believe it’s voiced).

If you’d like more “Halloween candy” or other Halloween items, you can purchase them at the Halloween Gatcha (50 coins per turn). Only the “Halloween candy” will give you a special comment. You can only give the candy by itself, not with other items, to get the comment.

The items are
-Candy (special comment, +2000 love)
-Pumpkin lantern (+5000 love)
-Dracula fangs (+3000 love)
-Mummy bandages (+1500 love)
-Ghost suit (+1000 love)
-Burnt cookies (+50 love)

I don’t have a particular preference, so if you want to choose who I should give the candy to, I’ll post the comment of the one with the most votes. Your choices are
-Toudou Jinpachi xxxxxxxx
-Makishima Yuusuke @minni-chan will help to screenshot Makichan, thank youuu +.゚(´▽`人)゚+.゚
-Shinkai Hayato xxxxxxx
-Manami Sangaku xx
-Onoda Sakamichi
-Imaizumi Shunsuke xx
-Naruko Shoukichi

Edit: People, I can only count one vote from each of you. If you voted for Makichan, you can change your vote~


Title: 早口言葉勝負! (今泉ver)
4,066 plays

"A contest on who can say a tongue twister the quickest? Why?
Well, I don’t mind… Here I go…
Grossgrossgrossgrossgross— IT’S YOU WHO’S GROSS!!!
…*gasp* O-Oh no… I need to calm down…”
From yomecolle.

What is your yomecolle name so I can send gifts?
by paigeq

Hello, it is 巻 ちゃんw

Here it is, the compilation of Toudou’s voice clips from Yomecolle, translated! I hope you enjoy it, anon who requested it! I’m missing a 超ツンツン voice clip, as I haven’t unlocked that one, and his birthday voice clip, as I started Yomecolle after that event was over. But the rest are all here!

Sorry if you hear weird noises in the background. My cat didn’t understand that I was recording and needed total silence.

I’ve also uploaded both the voice clips and this video, if you would like it. The password for the file is Toudou’s first name, in lower case.

I’m trying desperately right now to reach 50,000 pedals before the 10/19 deadline, so that I can get Toudou’s “Jealousy” card… but I’ve made quite a dent in my savings to reach this much as it is and… I’m running out of (money) stamina… (=A=)
I’m starting to reach that point where I’m willing to accept donations… I even entertained the idea that people can donate for a specific character they wish to unlock because I certainly have not got them all. But I’m not sure how to go about that. And it’ll only work if people are willing anyway, so I want to put that idea out there for now and see how you react to it. I’ll try to do it if people express an interest! (Or if you have energy bars/mood lifter drinks/items on my wish list that you feel willing to share, that would be most helpful too!)

For now… Wish me luck… 50,000 pedals…


Toumaki charm set Giveaway!! ★★

hey! I’ve been meaning to put together a giveaway since I reached 1k followers a while ago and just as thanks for everyone who’s bought or shown interested in my art & merch! I was lazy & then got busy with school but YEAH!! please read the info below & HERE WE GO!!

There will be one winner! They will get both the Toumaki Telephone and the Toumakinya charms!

- reblogs & likes both count! multiple reblogs are a-ok! anyone can enter!
- I will pay for shipping, and will ship worldwide!
- the winner must be comfortable with sending me their address
- for those who have bought the toumaki charms already: if you win and can provide me with your order number, you can choose any other 2 charms that I have in stock in my store instead! (I have some old pedal charms too!)

alternatively you can buy the charms from my store! (There aren’t many left of the telephones!)
(if you buy & then win the giveaway, provide your order number and I will refund you ^ o ^)

This giveaway will close November 1st!

Thank you so much everyone!! (Please let me know if I forgot anything) T___T

hi there! first off i have to thank you for doing all of these translations :) ok so my question is have you translated drama tracks from the Free! ES DVDs? i think episode 1 is both clubs getting ready for a joint training camp/before prefecturals. i thought i'd check out your "Free! Eternal Summer" tag but i'm not so sure if this one is it: /post/97749916860/this-audio-file-has-what-was-o ...just asking for confirmation and if i was wrong please point me in the right direction, thanks!

Hi, I have not translated the drama tracks from the DVDs, nor do I know of someone who is. You’ll probably have to do a little more digging.

Edit: I HAD NO IDEA THIS POSTED PUBLICLY, I intended it to be a private answer. It’s my phone’s fault. I’m so sorry.