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"The four boys sleeping positions in episode 5 were thought up by episode director Oota Rika-san. They also sleep in the same way for episode 11. According to the psychological analysis of their positions, those who sleep on their right side (Haruka) are people who "move at their own pace and are hard-workers"; those who sleep on their left side (Nagisa) "stand tough against criticism, always act in ways that go beyond the average person’s understanding"; those who sleep facing up (Makoto and Rei) "do not hold back in their efforts; like to take care of others"; those who sleep with their head turned to the side and their arm out (Haruka) are "stubborn"; those who place their hand near their heart (Rei) "carry worries and troubles"; those who sleep curled up into a ball (Nagisa) "act like pampered children"… is it correct?"
Source from Pash! Perfect File magazine book.

…I feel like they put in the wrong names for some of these examples (like Haruka and Rei), but I’m just relying what it says.

(I also want to point out that my previous post about the lockers is a mistake that Pash! has made, and I published it without thinking about it. I’m sorry about the misinformation, and please stop it from spreading. ;; )

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    This isn’t right…Haruka is sleeping face up…Rei is the one on his side. You can tell because Rei set his glasses above...
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